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Are you an employer having labor relations or union problems?   You have come to the right place!

Founded in 1973 on the philosophy of effectively managing today for better business tomorrow, the firm offers a full range of human resource services and expertise in labor relations, employee surveys, and public relations.  Experienced staff members are readily available on a cost-effective basis.

Our experience and success in representing management in labor relations matters has contributed to a large extent to J.W. Hickey & Associates Growth.  Our firm has experienced considerable success in assisting clients in defeating union organizing attempts.  In many cases, our unique approach results in the union organizers moving on to another target and the union withdrawing its petition.  This enables the organization to return to normal operations and save a substantial amount of time and money.  Clients will confirm that if our firm is involved, you will enjoy a 50% chance of having the petition WITHDRAWN before an election.  If an election is held for employees to vote on the question of union representation, our clients have won in 93.5% of elections held!

In both crisis and non-crisis situations, the professional expertise and experience of our associates assist management's communication efforts with their employees and the community.  Our Employee Morale Assessment program provides all levels of employees and management a safety valve for venting their concerns and offering constructive criticism.  It is an extremely valuable union prevention tool and measures, in addition to the morale and attitude of your workforce, the effectiveness of your supervisors and how your employees perceive the organization.  In unionized operations, this program has been very effective in identifying and assisting management in preparing an advance strategy on how to handle issues at the negotiating table.  All efforts are directed toward assisting the client in maintaining a highly motivated, productive work force while resolving personnel problems and preventing labor unrest.

Organizations entering into first-time contracts and those renegotiating existing contracts use our service to protect management's right to manage or to regain rights lost through past negotiations.  Our goal is to achieve your management objectives and contain your cost.  Associates also represent management in cases of discrimination, unemployment, workers' compensation and wage and hour claims.

Our Mission

Our mission is to respond quickly to your business in its time of need to provide professional, educated and knowledgeable direction for labor relations, management development, employee morale assessment, and other areas of need for your businesses well being.

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Please feel free to contact us at the below address, phone and web mail.  We will be very responsive to your call, and would be very pleased to share our references with you.

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